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I bought the Onikuma k5 Gaming Headset with complete confidence knowing I was going to get a good product. FivetheGamer's streams are used with this same product and his streaming/gaming audio is always top notch. The customer service was always contacting me to let me know where the product was from start to finish. I was super excited once I got it, and once I plugged it into my PC, everything worked like clockwork. I'll continue to monitor the site to check out future products. Thank you for an unbelievable deal for a great product!

Mikey W.

I waited about a week before I posted this just to check them out in depth. I have owned 3 sets of turtle beaches, 2 hyperx pro headsets, and now this Onikuma K8. Comfort wise, it fits comfortably around my whole ear and doesn't mash it. Sound wise, it works just as good if not better than my $100 headsets at about a 60% cheaper price in total. Plus there is a mute and volume control on them which is really nice because my hyperx didn't have that. I like the sound quality and am happy with my purchase


I've always been a fan of Fivethegamer's work and his recommendations for a headset was on the money so I ordered the K5's. The headset exceeded my expectations and I just couldn't beat the price. Great site, great service and highly reccomended.

Jeff R.

My son's Razer headset broke and we needed a replacement. I didn't want to spend tons of money on a new headset. I got him the one from FivetheGamer and he couldn't be happier. The headset is durable and comfortable to wear, my son loves it, thank you.

Marisol L.

I got the Onikuma K5 Gaming Headset from fivethegamer.com. I enjoyed how lightweight they are. You can game for a few hours and forget you're even wearing them.