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Controller Thumb Grips for Xbox One & PS4

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I paid $250 for astro a50's 5 years ago and these feel and sound just as clear Imo. I have needed a new set for quite some time but didn't want to fork over that kind of cash again. These feel very durable and seem like they will last a lifetime. I can hear everyone really good and the friends I play with say I sound really clear. I would highly recommend the Onikuma K3 to anyone in the market for a new headset. 10/10. The website was very easy to navigate and very user friendly. My only regret is I didn't buy the bundle with the PSN charger. Sounds like I will be a repeat customer. The customer service was exceptional and the shipping was super quick. I would say I was very satisfied with this overall experience.


I recently purchased the Onikuma K5 Headset, first impression out of the box I could tell already it was worth my money, especially with the awesome Black Friday deal I got on it. The headset is actually pretty comfortable, better padding than my Turtle Beach 700's. It's very durable & has a sleek design all the way down to the decals. The audio is right on point & my friends say it sounds great. I have yet to have any audio disruption. Easy setup, fast shipping, great prices & the company itself is run by gamers. What else can you really ask for! Oh & not to forget the PRO - HEX Thumb Grips are greatly effective, the product is exactly how it is advertised! Definitely keeping this company in mind when I need gaming accessories.


Ordered the Xbox One controller charger:  I love them! They are so easy to put down into the charger, my last rechargeable pair I had to make it almost perfect for it to work. The batteries are the same weight as two normal double a batteries, so no weight difference. While I haven’t been able to test the 35 hour life expectancy, I have used them for around 10 hours and the bar is around 1/3 gone for the life, so I trust it. Overall, these are awesome. So worth $30, it rivals $60 rechargeable batteries and it’s 100x better than normal since I won’t be spending 30 bucks every two months on them. 10/10 would recommend!

Nick H.

I ordered an Onikuma K5 headset and it arrived fairly quickly considering we had the New Years holidays. I thought it would've taken much longer, so that alone is quite impressive. It is definitely the most comfortable headset I've ever worn. It's mic can be moved which is handy when I need to stuff my face with food in between games. For the price, you'd expect a cheap feeling product but it is far from that. Not only is it comfy, but its sound quality is amazing. Playing RDR2 I feel really immersed into the world because I have all these sounds around me and I can hear everything. This headset has went well above my expectations and I'm super happy with my product and I'm already recommending it to my friends!


I bought the Onikuma k5 Gaming Headset with complete confidence knowing I was going to get a good product. FivetheGamer's streams are used with this same product and his streaming/gaming audio is always top notch. The customer service was always contacting me to let me know where the product was from start to finish. I was super excited once I got it, and once I plugged it into my PC, everything worked like clockwork. I'll continue to monitor the site to check out future products. Thank you for an unbelievable deal for a great product!

Mikey W.

I waited about a week before I posted this just to check them out in depth. I have owned 3 sets of turtle beaches, 2 hyperx pro headsets, and now this Onikuma K8. Comfort wise, it fits comfortably around my whole ear and doesn't mash it. Sound wise, it works just as good if not better than my $100 headsets at about a 60% cheaper price in total. Plus there is a mute and volume control on them which is really nice because my hyperx didn't have that. I like the sound quality and am happy with my purchase


Ordered the K5 gaming headset on Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving. I got my text update the following day with tracking! Excellent Service! Item showed up Saturday. Super fast shipping. Great price for a good headset


Ordered the K3 headset, the audio makes rainbow six siege much easier to play because it's a real sound sensitive game. It fits my big old and goofy ears super comfortably and the mic is super nice, everything is just good. The value for money is amazing on this thing. It cost me 40 bucks with shipping to get it here to Australia. Can't find something this good in a store here for that low of a price.


I got the Onikuma K5 Gaming Headset from I enjoyed how lightweight they are. You can game for a few hours and forget you're even wearing them.


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