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Fivethegamer’s gaming news

  • Playstation allows Cross-play in Fortnite

    Sony allows crossplay on Fortnite

    BIG gaming news: PlayStation players can finally play Fortnite with friends on Xbox and other platforms. Sony made a huge policy change internally and found the mechanics to make this work.

  • Top Video Games - September 2018

    So many great new games / beta & updates this month! Here are just a few:
    Battlefield open beta
    Destiny 2 forsaken 
    NBA 2K19
    PubG full release
    Call of Duty black Ops 4 beta
    Fortnite getaway LTM mode
  • My Current Gaming Headset

    I used to buy expensive Gaming Headsets all the time but they just kept breaking or the quality wasn't as expected. I came across the K5 gaming headset by Onikuma and just fell in love with it. The price, the quality, the durability and they are just so comfortable to wear.

  • Free games this August on Xbox and PlayStation

    Free games this August on Xbox and PlayStation.
    Xbox: Forza Horizon 2, For Honor. Epic Mickey 2
    PlayStation: Mafia III, Bound by Flame, Dead by Daylight, Space Hulk
    As long as you have Xbox Gold or PlayStation Plus you can get them free this month