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  • The Fastest Way to Make Money in Red Dead 2 Online - RDR2

      Since I’m a huge Red Dead 2 fan I got a lot of requests asking on how to make quick money in the online mode. I wrote this guide to help out...
  • Onikuma K3 Gaming Headset is now available!

    The all new Onikuma K3 Gaming Headset is now available on Fivethegamer.com! The Onikuma K3 has excellent sound quality and is super comfy! It’s designed with a lightweight metal frame and memory foam ear / headband padding for maximum comfort. Works with Xbox, PS4 and PC!
  • PS4 Controller Charger Station by Sliq Gaming is now available!

    💙 PlayStation gamers! The PS4 Controller Charger Station by Sliq Gaming is now available! The sleek charging station supports 2 controllers and ch...
  • Xbox One Controller Charger Station & Battery Pack by Sliq Gaming is now available!

      💚 Xbox gamers! A must have for any Xbox gamer. It’s really one of the smartest investments you can make. I’ve done so much research / testing wi...
  • Playstation allows Cross-play in Fortnite

    Sony allows crossplay on Fortnite

    BIG gaming news: PlayStation players can finally play Fortnite with friends on Xbox and other platforms. Sony made a huge policy change internally and found the mechanics to make this work.

  • Top Video Games - September 2018

    So many great new games / beta & updates this month! Here are just a few:
    Battlefield open beta
    Destiny 2 forsaken 
    NBA 2K19
    PubG full release
    Call of Duty black Ops 4 beta
    Fortnite getaway LTM mode
  • My Current Gaming Headset

    I used to buy expensive Gaming Headsets all the time but they just kept breaking or the quality wasn't as expected. I came across the K5 gaming headset by Onikuma and just fell in love with it. The price, the quality, the durability and they are just so comfortable to wear.

  • Free games this August on Xbox and PlayStation

    Free games this August on Xbox and PlayStation.
    Xbox: Forza Horizon 2, For Honor. Epic Mickey 2
    PlayStation: Mafia III, Bound by Flame, Dead by Daylight, Space Hulk
    As long as you have Xbox Gold or PlayStation Plus you can get them free this month