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News for gamers by gamers

  • Covid-19 - GTA 5 movie

    Covid-19 is a movie I made in GTA. This movie is inspired by a speech New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gave during the height of the Corona Virus pandemic, also known as Covid-19. It was a speech given when the first makeshift hospital opened in the Jacob Javits convention center during late March 2020. The hospital was build by the Army national guard / Corp of engineers in just a week.
  • Paladins vs Overwatch

    So, you read the title. What the hell is Paladins? Isn’t that just the knock off of Overwatch? Why should I even read this article? You should. Even if you play both games, even if you don’t play either, or even if you just play one of them. I’m here to talk about..
  • Q&A with FiveThegamer

    I asked you guys to send in some questions to learn more about me and the response was amazing! I received hundreds of questions so I narrowed it down to some of my favorites:
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  • The Diamond Casino & Resort has been added to GTA Online!

    The Diamond Casino & Resort has been added to GTA Online! It’s been about a week since the launch of the latest Casino update in GTA online: finally after almost 6 years the Casino has opened and there’s tons of new content.

  • Xbox Controller Charging Station

    Do you still use regular batteries in your Xbox controller? If you answered YES , don’t! Read this... you can thank me later. It’s been months since I’ve been using my Xbox controller charger by Sliq Gaming and I couldn’t be happier. It saved me so much money over these past few months.
  • The Horses of Red Dead Redemption 2

    While Red Dead Redemption 2 may not be the most active in the gaming world, it certainly has a lot to offer its players. I was not intrigued by Red Dead in the past even though I had plenty of friends begging me to purchase it. The whole outlaw gang life was certainly not for me. However, it had a saving grace I was not aware of at the time...
  • Red Dead 2 Online update released today!

    Red Dead 2 Online update released today! Here are some of the details: New coop missions have been added for both honorable and dishonorable players. New free roam missions also added with new characters from the story of Red Dead 2...
  • 😊 Arthur Morgan from Red Dead 2 sent me a message

    Arthur Morgan from Red Dead 2 sent me a message. From the man himself: Arthur Morgan! Also known as the amazing actor Roger Clark in Red Dead 2. Love this guy!
  • New Xbox Controller Thumb Grips

    I was always skeptical about using controller thumb grips but it’s fair to say they really help me. I can’t see myself playing without them. You get a lot more control and your movement is more precise. These also have a very cool design in comparison to others I’ve seen and they are very comfortable to use. It comes in very handy with shooting games.

  • Anthem - The new game by Bioware

    Anthem is a game by BioWare that has been in development for about 6 years. It’s a Co-op based game but, can be played solo. In anthem you have 4 kinds of suits, they are referred to as Javelins, the one everyone starts with is the Ranger.
  • A Red Dead Online update is coming next week

    New Free Roam Events, new Showdown Modes, & new Races coming as part of the update. This update includes new Weapons, Clothing, & Emotes for your character, as well as a series of improvements and balances mentioned last week