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A Red Dead Online update is coming next week

Red Dead 2 Online first update

A Red Dead Online update is coming next week on Feb 26. Here are all the details.

New Free Roam Events, new Showdown Modes, & new Races coming as part of the update. This update includes new Weapons, Clothing, & Emotes for your character, as well as a series of improvements and balances mentioned below.

New Gameplay - New additions will include the Fool’s Gold Free Roam Event, where players will compete to control an equal parts gaudy and protective suit of Golden Armor. Fight to take down the armor wearer to earn points and claim it as your own, then turn the tables and earn points for kills while wearing the armor.

Competitive Challenges gets a fresh catch with Fishing Challenges. Fishing Challenges are broken out by type, opt in to the challenge and you’ll receive all the equipment necessary to compete including the rod as well lures and bait specific to the challenge type, whether it’s crickets for a river challenge, crayfish for the swamp or worms for lakes. Then head to an appropriate body of water to take part – also, you’ll be made safe from the nuisance of trigger-happy outlaws while you are taking the challenge. Catch the highest weight total of fish to win.

New WeaponsB.D. and Co. is turning out the high grade, high capacity Evans Repeater rifle. The Rare Shotgunis D.D. Packenbush’s latest variation of the powerful double-barreled longarm. Sporting an antique style faded brass finish and an artfully adorned stock. Both weapons will be available via the Wheeler & Rawson Catalogue and local Gunsmiths.

New Clothing & Emotes - A wide range of new clothing to further customize your character – from the snake adorned Diamondback Hat to the fur trimmed Rutledge Vest – is also on the way with new Outfits, Jackets, Boots, Coats, Gloves, Hats, Vests and more. In addition to all the clothing a variety of new Emotes is also on the way – featuring everything from greets to reactions & taunts.

The next update to RDR2 will include a new Law & Bounty system, weapons balancing, changes to player blips on the mini-map and more.

Player Visibility - reducing the visibility of blips over long distances – your map position won’t display to other players unless you are nearby.

If your style of play becomes more hostile, your map position (& Posse) will become more visible to other players with a progressively darkening dot that incrementally shifts from blue to dark red. Your visibility increases through bad deeds. Shift back to a more righteous path & your visibility will fade over time.

Introducing Posse-wide Parleys & improving Feuds. You’ll soon be able to initiate Parley that applies to your attacker’s entire Posse after just a single kill.

Bounty Hunters & Law Balancing - Players who have racked up high bounties will have a chance to be beset by NPC Bounty Hunters who will attempt to kill them & collect their reward.

Criminal behavior will have bounty values & honor consequences that scale based on the severity of the crime. Example: killing another player can incur a higher bounty, while assaulting townsfolk or animal cruelty could give you a lesser bounty if the crime is reported, while lower level crimes will only decrease your honor.

If your bounty exceeds a certain threshold & Bounty Hunters take notice, you will be wanted dead & alerted to their pursuit. The higher your bounty, the greater your value & the more difficult the pursuit becomes for you & your Posse.

Other Fixes - select weapons will be re-balanced including the Varmint Rifle, which will have its accuracy brought more in line with other longarm weapons; voice chat will be reduced to work at closer proximity, fixes to horse cargo making pelts / carcasses more persistent after death.

The update comes out on Feb 26th and will be available for PS4 and Xbox One.

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