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Anthem - The new game by Bioware

Anthem The new game by Bioware

Anthem is a game by BioWare that has been in development for about 6 years. It’s a Co-op based game but can also be played solo. In anthem you have 4 kinds of suits, they are referred to as Javelins. The one everyone starts with is called the Ranger.

The ranger is a well-balanced Javelin. He can take and deliver some damage at the same time. He can adapt to all situations.The second Javelin is the Colossus, this is the tank-type Javelin. The colossus deals high damage and has allot of health points. The Third Javelin is the Interceptor, this is the Smallest but most agile Javelin.  The Interceptor has the fewest health points from them all but is compensated by agility. The Fourth and finale Javelin is the Storm, which is the support javelin of the four. Storm is an elemental Javelin and can deal a lot of damage from a distance using the powers of nature.

Picking your first javelin (after the Ranger) can be quite a difficult decision because this is going to decide what your strengths and weaknesses are. You should ask yourself this question: What is my play-style? If your answer to that is, being a tank and dealing high damage, choose the Colossus. If your answer is being very agile but have lower hp then choose the interceptor. If you want to deal damage from a distance and use the powers of nature and use the elements then choose Storm. These tips will help you enhance your experience in the long term.

My Experience with Anthem. I played the Alpha, Beta and Demo of Anthem with a total of about 60 in-game hours. I played It since it’s very early days and have many opinions on it. Sure there were some aspects I wish they improved on, but there are some really great features in Anthem already.

 Here are some of the things I liked: 

  • The world of Anthem is beautiful. 
  • It’s a fun game to play with your friends, since its co-op based. 
  • It’s not difficult to play and it doesn’t have a huge learning curve. 
  • More expansions should be coming.


Anthem is loads of fun especially if you play with friends. If you play on PC make sure your PC can handle it so it runs smooth. Running it on less than 60 fps can make it less enjoyable. 

Guest post written by Senne0165. You can follow his work on Instagram

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