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Covid-19 - GTA 5 movie

Covid-19 movie

Covid-19 is a movie I made in GTA. This movie is inspired by a speech New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gave during the height of the Corona Virus pandemic, also known as Covid-19. It was a speech given when the first makeshift hospital opened in the Jacob Javits convention center during late March 2020. The hospital was built by the Army national guard / Corp of engineers in just a week.

This speech was very moving and being a New Yorker it hit a soft spot.

Here is the link to watch Covid-19 Movie

 This GTA V movie and took many many many hours to film and edit. This movie was made with Grand Theft Auto 5 on XBOX 1 using creator mode & Rockstar editor.

Covid-19 Movie

This GTA 5 film was directed and edited by me @fivethegamer

Hope you enjoy!


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