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Grand Theft Auto 5 Online - Update & Weekly Deals February 18-2021

As you may or may not know, Rockstar Games updates Grand Theft Auto V every week with new deals, double or triple RP (reputation) and money contact missions or adversary modes, the podium vehicle, vehicles that have been added, Prime Gaming Rewards, and log-in rewards. This happens every Thursday and it’ll be my job to inform those of these weekly updates! Date of weekly update: Thursday 18th, February 2021.

Hi there! My name is Nomad, and as I mentioned above, I will be informing you with Grand Theft Auto’s weekly updates!

Money & RP

3x GTA $ & RP on

  • Associates & Bodyguards salaries

2x GTA $ & RP on

  • Open Wheel races
  • Contact Missions
  • MC Businesses

The triple money for associates & bodyguard salaries are good for whoever is in your organization as the salaries go up as you do more CEO or VIP missions. It is a quick way of making money but remember, it is for associates & bodyguards only!

Open Wheel races are fun (depending on who you’re racing against *cough* dirty racers *cough*). It is a lot of fun to play with friends and you’re making money on the side, who wouldn’t want that?

If races aren’t your thing, then take advantage of the Contact Missions, solo or with friends. If you wish to relive the glory days of GTA and grind Contact Missions back-to-back, then this is for you!

However, if you’re looking to make big money, then you’ll want take advantage of the MC Businesses. The only thing you need to do is buy or steal supplies and the business will do its thing, then sell the product whenever you please! Just be careful of cargo griefers…

Another method of gaining RP is to take advantage of the Peyote Plants as they are only here for a limited time! When the player interacts with the plant, they will pass out and respawn as an animal. If a plant is found on the ground, the player has a chance to be a house pet, farm animal, or a bird. If the player finds one underwater, they will turn into a sea creature such as an orca, stingray, or shark.

If you have just started playing GTA V, then you will want to take advantage of these, if you have friends who play GTA, then ask them to help you, you both benefit from it!


50% off

  • Biker Businesses
  • asino Penthouse
  • Arena Workshop
  • Clubhouse

25% off

  • Alkonost ($3,262,500 - $2,446,875)
  • Itali RSX ($2,598,750 - $1,949,062)

50% off

  • Ramp Buggy ($1,596,00 - $1,200,00)
  • RC Tank ($1,137,500)
  • RC Bandito ($795,000)
  • Thruster ($1,828,750 - $1,375,000)

40% off

  • PR4 ($2,109,000)
  • R88 ($1,869,000)
  • BR8 ($2,040,000)
  • DR1 ($1,798,200)

Pretty good discounts, especially if you’re looking to start some grinding! If you are looking to start grinding on GTA, then this is a good week to start thanks to the 50% off MC Clubhouses and businesses deals!

Buying a Casino Penthouse allows the player to gain access to 6 casino missions. If it’s your first time doing these missions, then you’ll gain a bonus at the end of each missions and a reward for completing all 6 missions! Doing all 6 of these missions also unlocks another preparation mission for the Diamond Casino & Resort heist which comes in handy!

The Arena Workshop is required for the RC Bandito as this is where it is stored and upgraded. If you have the money lying around, then take advantage of both the Arena Workshop and RC Bandito discounts!

Race through the streets of Los Santos in the Itali RSX or fly through the skies of San Andreas with the Alkonost! With the 25% discount on both vehicles, you can do that!

Race your friends with the Thruster Jetpack, troll your friends with the RC Tank/RC Bandito or send them to space with the Ramp Buggy by taking advantage of the 50% discounts!

If you enjoy Open Wheel races then you’ll enjoy the discounts on the PR4, R88, BR8, and the DR1. Race against your friends or foes in your new fully upgraded and customized Open Wheel car!

Podium Vehicle

he weeks podium vehicle is the supercar, Överflöd Tyrant. The tyrant has an appearance similar to the Apollo Arrow with some elements from the Apollo Intensa Emozione. The front bumper resembles the 2017 Ford GT.


GTA 5 podium vehicle is the supercar, Overflod Tyrant   

If you’re looking for a great straight line performance car with great handling, then you may want to try and win this as it makes for a great first supercar, plus it’s free!

Speaking of free, the Dinka Verus is free for all players until March 3rd!

Dinka Verus is FREE in GTA 5 Online

The Verus has a similar shape to the Blazer Lifeguard but it highly resembles the Arctic Cat Alterra 570 and its rear lights look like the Polaris Sportsman 570.

Being one of the heaviest ATVs in history, the Verus’ acceleration is relatively average and it has a good turning radius. Even with upgrades, the Verus isn’t recommended for racing, but thanks to its weight, the driver is less likely to fall of during collisions unless the Verus falls off-balance when airborne or is hit by a stronger and faster vehicle. Nonetheless, it is still fun to drive across the country and up Mount Chiliad!

Prime Gaming Rewards

If you have subscribed to Prime Gaming, you get a few extra rewards and discounts, lucky you!

  • Free Kosatka Sonar Station
  • GTA$200K
  • 80% off Vagner ($307,000)
  • 70% off Rocket Voltic ($1,149,120 - $864,000)

When a player who is subscribed to Prime Gaming, they will get $200k when they next log in.

Vagner in GTA 5 Online

With 80% off the Vagner, it is highly recommended to buy it as it is one of the fastest cars in the game with very good handling. Thanks to the low suspension, the car has great stability when it comes to turning a corner. However, be aware as if the back end of the car hits a bump, you will lose control.

If you’re looking for fun however, then take advantage of the 80% off the Rocket Voltic! Having a jet engine on the back, the Rocket Voltic can make driving around the city a blast!

Rocket Voltic  in GTA 5 Online

Its performance is pretty much the same as the regular Coil Voltic but with one change, the weight. With the rocket being on the car, the car will be heavier, but thanks to the direct transmission between the engine and the wheels, the car has a good acceleration.

If you own or about to buy a Kosatka, then you’re in luck! The Sonar Station upgrade costs $1,200,000 but thanks to your Prime Gaming subscription, for you, it costs nothing!

Log-in Rewards

There is currently only one log-in reward which is the Dinka Tee which is given to the player when they first log into GTA. However, there is another clothing item the player can unlock. If the player does any Casino Work (not the missions you unlock after buying the penthouse, but instead the work you get by calling Ms. Baker via phone), they will be awarded the Neon Stitch Emissive Mask.

Neon Stitch Emissive Mask in GTA 5 Online

Source: Rockstar Games
And that’s that! That is all the deals, bonuses, and log-in rewards as of Thursday 18th! I hope this was helpful in any way, shape, or form! I shall see you all next week when GTA gets its weekly update! Stay safe, gamers!

About the Author:

My name is Nomad and I'm just your average student at college who has a love for video games and taking pictures within games with and without photo mode (they’re not that great, but I enjoy doing it!). If I’m not doing that then I play games to pass time! If you’d like to see more of work and in game captures, follow me on Instagram it would be highly appreciated!

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