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Grand Theft Auto 5 Online - Update & Weekly Deals March 11th -2021

Date of weekly update: March 11th, 2021

2x GTA$ & RP on

  • - Business Battles
  • - Transform Races
  • - Martin & Lamar Contact Missions
  • - Hunting Pack Remix Adv Mode

Business Battles – Players compete with one another to steal goods and they
can deliver to their nightclub to fill it up quicker. If a player does not have a
nightclub then they must drop it off somewhere on the map and get paid for
doing so. It is a good way to make a quick buck, but do not expect to become a
millionaire just by picking these up and dropping them off.

Transform Races – Players must race one another and as they progress through
the race, they will transform into another vehicle (for example, if the race
starts of in cars, when the players hit a certain checkpoint, they will transform
into a plane, motorbike, bicycle, truck, etc). These are fun to play with friends,
so I recommend checking them out!

Martin & Lamar Contact Missions – Not a lot to say here, it is just like the
regular double money & RP contact jobs, except this time it is only for Martin
& Lamar.

Hunting Pack Remix Adv Mode – There is two teams which the players are
divided into: Attackers and Defenders. One player is selected to be the Runner
and their job is to keep the “hunted” vehicle up to a certain speed and get to
the objective. The Runner is usually driving a large, slow, challenging vehicle.
The other defenders job is to keep the attackers away from the Runner as it is
their job to stop the Runner by pushing them off the course or to slow them
down. If the Runner has slowed down, they have 10 seconds to get back up to
speed or they will explode, making the attackers win.

40% off Terrorbyte (+ Renovations)
40% off Facilities (+ Renovations)
40% off Laser Weapons
40% off

  • - Chernobog ($1,987,020 - $1,494,000)
  • - Emerus ($1,650,000)
  • - Miljet ($1,020,000)
  • - Rhino ($900,000)

25% off

  • - Squaddie ($847,500)

Not many discounts going on but they do knock off a few million dollars. The
discounted Terrorbyte is good if you plan on buying an Oppressor MKII or if
you need a place to upgrade your weapons to their MKII variants. Purchasing
the Terrorbyte also allows to player to start up Client Jobs (pretty much more
CEO jobs) and source cargo for businesses that they own (MC businesses, CEO
warehouses, Vehicle warehouse).

The Facility is a good property to own as it allows the player to start up The
Doomsday Heist. The facility is also the home of the Avenger (which was on
discount last week), the Jetpack, RCV, Chernobog, and the Khanjali.

The Chernobog is a ballistic missile launcher truck and is based on the MAZ-543M but replaces the BM-30 Smerch rocket system with a 15-tube launch pod. For a truck of its size, it has decent speed and is very manoeuvrable at low speeds, but at high speeds is handling is sluggish. Also due to its size, crashing into vehicles may cause them to explode and damage the Chernobog, like the Rhino tank. The Chernobog can take 4 direct hits from an explosion before the engine catches fire.

Chernobog In GTA V

The Emerus is a two-door hypercar and is almost identical to the 2019 McLaren Senna. The Emerus’ performance is like the T20, having a high acceleration and top speed. The handling of the car is a bit difficult to get used to as its very floaty on uneven roads and corners. The traction is good, and it can take sharp turns.

Emerus in GTAV

The Miljet is a military passenger jet that holds 15 passengers and a pilot. It is modelled after the Bombardier Challenger 800, with a slightly longer and more rounder cockpit glass. It is essentially a large passenger jet with similarities to the shamal and the Luxor. Its performance is average and as expected from its size and weight, it will take some time before reaching to speeds, but thanks to it having two jet turbines, it can reach excellent speeds. The plane can withstand heavy amounts of gunfire before the engines fail.

Miljet in GTA V


Pretty sure we all know the Rhino as it was the only weaponised ground vehicle before any updates came out, but for those who do not know, the Rhino tank has been in nearly every GTA game and is loved by many players. The Rhino (in GTA V) resembles the German Leopard 2A4. It has a powerful main cannon and two unusable machine guns, one of them being beside the cannon and the other on the roof which resembles the M2 Browning. The Rhino can take roughly 5 direct hits from explosives before blowing up. It can blow up vehicles by driving over them but doing so will also damage the tank.

Rhino Tank in GTA V

The Squaddie is a light utility vehicle which was cut from GTA V during development, but then got added into the game with the Cayo Perico Heist update. It roughly resembles a Hummer H2 and a Hummer H1/AM General HMMWV. The performance is not all that great, it is like the Patriot.

Squaddie IN GTA V Online

Podium Car

This week’s car is the Nightshark, an armoured 4-door SUV, it resembles the Dartz Kombat with elements from the Dartz Black Shark. Do not be fooled by this vehicles appearance as it does look heavy, the performance is good. It has a great acceleration and top speed, as well as handling. Its suspension is average for a car of its type, making it handle bumpy and uneven roads well. Its reinforced bumper can push vehicles out the way without a bother.

NightShark in GTA V Online

Login Rewards

When players first log in this week, they will be given a Dinka Aged Tee (the player must have the regular Dinka Tee unlocked to get the aged version).


Source: Nomad - Me

And that is that! That is all the deals, bonuses, and log-in rewards as of Thursday 11th, March! I hope this was helpful in any way, shape, or form! I shall see you all next week when the GTA get its weekly update! Stay safe, gamers!

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My name is Nomad and I'm just your average student at college who has a love for video games and taking pictures within games with and without photo mode (they’re not that great, but I enjoy doing it!). If I’m not doing that then I play games to pass time! If you’d like to see more of work and in game captures, follow me on Instagram it would be highly appreciated!

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