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Green & Purple Aliens are taking over GTA Online!

Green aliens taking over GTA V Online

So I logged into GTA Online just to check on my supplies and spin the lucky wheel in the Diamond Casino. I spun the wheel then left the Casino. All of a sudden a bunch of green aliens jump out of a truck and beat me to death with baseball bats. I was puzzled and amused at the same time. I then checked the public lobby and more than half of the players (15 of them) were wearing green or purple alien suits. There was even a gang of guys in suits (MIB style) killing both aliens. This is going on in every public lobby in GTA 5 Online!

Green aliens in GTA Online

I decided to join the war so I put on an alien suit and went to battle. It didn’t go well as I was the only purple alien left in the lobby. I was still laughing and had fun. I then went into my MC clubhouse to pause the war in the lobby and I invited all the aliens to hang out.

Green gang vs purple gang

I was curious to see how this all started as it’s not normal that every public session in GTA Online has aliens fighting. I couldn’t pinpoint the exact start of the war but it turns out this all started from a reddit post online then blew up on TikTok and now Instagram. It’s Green gang vs Purple Gang and it’s tough to keep track of which side is winning. One thing for sure, it adds a new dimension to the virtual world and gives people something new to do.

Here is some footage of me getting jumped by green aliens in GTA V Online as I joined the battle.

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  • why is the alien are fighting each other?


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