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Is Apex Legends the new Fortnite killer?

    Is Apex Legends the new Fortnite killer?

      Fortnite has been the most popular of all the battle royales for quite some time now. There has been loads of competition to rival Fortnite. Many have since failed and hardly reached the same level of popularity, until now. One game has finally made it's way to the light and its player base is booming.

      Apex Legends... is this the new Fortnite killer? Is it going to outgrow the Fortnite? Well in 24 hours, Apex had reached 2.5 million players. In 72 hours it had reached 10 million players. It took Fortnite two weeks to reach the 10 million mark. We aren't done though, it's been a week since the launch and Apex Legends has surpassed 25 million players.

      Apex Legends full legend list

      Does Apex have the potential to become the next best battle royale? At this rate, I can expect to see it overtake Fortnite in popularity because it has the perfect combination of everything, the map is incredible, the weapons are fun, the movement is fluent and the gameplay is just perfect.

      Let's see how far Respawn can take it with Apex Legends.

      Guest post written by Boganbav. You can follow his work on Instagram or on YouTube.


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