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Overwatch vs. Apex Legends

OverWatch Vs Apex

I’m behind times – I’ll admit it. I never buy games right away which usually comes to bite me in the ass especially when spoilers are dropped (thanks everyone playing KH3). But I have bills to pay and my mouth - as well as my cat’s mouth - to feed. I’ve never played online (aside from back in the day when I used to sit online with my friends in 2005 and squeak to other Tony Hawk American Wasteland players). I never saw the appeal of playing online – so I sat in my little chair and would just RPG/JRPG game for hours.

That was when Ashe from Overwatch was released. I knew the second I saw her I was going to cosplay her – so what better way to get familiar with her than playing the actual game? Now, even saying this, it did take me quite awhile to actually purchase the game. I bought it and a (super cheap) pink headset (aesthetic, right?) and began my online escapade. I was thrilled. What’s better than starting a new game? A game that people you actually know, play? Talking to people over a microphone and making friends? An unknown but exhilarating territory.

At this point, Apex Legends had already been released and everyone was going freakin’ ballistic. I was getting bugged constantly to get this game since it was all the rage and everyone wanted to play. I moseyed on over to the PlayStation store to go see how much it was – and to my great surprise, it was FREE. Free! That’s insane in today’s economy. A free game that isn’t awful – you bet I had that being downloaded in milliseconds.

Now, let’s get down to basics. Without dragging this article out and telling you what I had for breakfast this morning, let’s start comparing Overwatch and Apex Legends. Starting Overwatch, you’re pushed into the training session almost immediately. You can start training before the rest of the game even finishes downloading. You start with Soldier 76 an all-around easy – but strong – character to learn the basics with. You’re introduced to all of your moves, your ult, and eventually get put into a map with practice/friendly robots to get used to your controls. You’re allowed to switch to Tracer, another beginner character (ranked 1/3 stars in difficulty). After the rest of the game finishes installing, you’re opened up to online playing or you can still play in training for as long as you need to. In training, you can go to the shooting range, go back to the map with the robots, or play online again AI’s. Here, you’re on a team with other people who want to train but don’t want to play online against other players and essentially rage quit. This was where I found my ‘main’ (which is Sombra – I knew you were curious) and can now confidently play online – where I am put into teams/against people of my skill level. Overwatch allows you to have endless ammo as well as a respawn area – where you can heal, change characters, or go grab some food without having to pause the game (which you can’t because it’s online). It also allows you to have an assortment of characters: 7 tanks, 16 damage, and 6 support/healers. You have a wide range of characters to get familiar with and ultimately kick ass.

Apex Legends, is a completely different story. Upon starting the game, you can either go right into training or right into playing online. During training, you are only one character: Lifeline. You are taught your basic moves, how to pick up weapons, heal yourself/your team and that’s it. There are a few practice targets on the training map but as soon as you finish your last objective with Pathfinder (a playable character) you have about 30 seconds to finish training and then you’re brought back to the home screen. Apex gives you 8 characters to choose from (two of which are locked): 3 damage characters, 2 healers, 1 tracker, and 2 shields. You don’t get to touch any other character in training aside from Lifeline: a pretty basic healer type. You aren’t taught much or able to train/practice as much as Overwatch lets you.

Coming from someone who used to loathe first-person shooter games and wouldn’t even dare play online, Apex Legends is extremely overwhelming and intimidating. I played through training multiple times to see if I could get the hang of it. When I finally (thought I) did, I went back to the home screen and sat. I stared and stared until I mustered up the courage to play. I was thrown into a party of two other people and then dropped from an airplane immediately into the game. You have to find your weapons, your healing items, your armor, and stay close to your party in case one of you were to fall. Apex does not put you in games where you’re equal to all players. I was sniped from behind from someone who had at least 1,000 kills under their belt already. That was it. I was dead. My party was long gone (one already dead) and the game was over when the third player finally died.

What’s the fun in that? Getting stuck in a game where players that are lightyears better than you, just racking up their death count? I tried. I really tried to like Apex. I played a few games with my friends – even with their help of showing me locations of guns, ammo, health kits, etc., I just could not find a groove to pick up. I knew after my last game when I was revived and then killed immediately after (since someone was waiting to kill all revived players) that Apex was not for me.

If you are stepping into the First-Person-Shooter-World blindly, like I did, I leave you with a few pointers. Overwatch allows you to get the hang of FPS games and get comfortable with the game and then go into the real (online) world. You can stay in training for the rest of your life and just level up or you can venture into online competitive gaming. Apex Legends assumes you’re from the FPS world and hits you like a freight train. I’m sure with a lot of time and death, you’ll get great at Apex. Apex is free, has great potential, reminds people of CoD (etc) and a must for people already in the FPS world looking for a new game to romp in.

Guest post written by NecessaryCherry. You can follow her work on Instagram


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