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Q&A with FiveThegamer

I asked you guys to send in some questions to learn more about me and the response was amazing! I received hundreds of questions so I narrowed it down to some of my favorites:
When did you start posting content?
I started on Instagram when GTA 5 first came out 6+ years ago and posted it here on November 15th 2013. I needed a place to host my images and Instagram was a good platform for that.
What got you into taking pictures?
When I first started playing GTA V I really loved the creative aspect of photo mode. Since then content capturing became a lot easier as technology got better and more games adopted similar features.
What’s your favorite car in GTA?
That’s a tough question since I own so many and most of them are unique to me. I still have a soft spot for the Adder since it’s one of my first super cars.
How do you make your money in GTA?
I don’t grind much in GTA these days but for anyone starting off I’d recommend to invest in businesses. I still maintain my Bunker, Night club and Coke facility as it earns passive income. Then I just sell when they fill up. Also, check out Rockstars newswire for when they have 2x $ and RP on certain missions or races. 
Do you work for Rockstar Games?
I do not. I do know lots of people there and have been to their offices in New York many times. I’ve done a few livestreams from there but I’m just a fan of their work.
How do you grow an Instagram page?
This is a question I get often and always share my golden rule: Don’t focus on the numbers, likes, comments, views or anything of that nature. Post unique quality content and enjoy doing it. The rest will follow naturally.
Why did you become a youtuber?
I wouldn’t classify myself as a Youtuber even though the channel is growing organically. I created my YouTube channel mostly because I needed a place to host longer videos / movies. One of my goals this year is to add content more frequently.
What do you play on?
I play mostly on Xbox One and sometimes PC
Can I play with you?
Of course! I always try to play with everyone who asks. The best way is to send me a DM requesting my Xbox Gamer tag or to join one of the public events I host.
I have PS4 can we play?
For PS4 players I play COD and Fortnite. I mostly got into those games to be able to play with PS4 players as they are both cross platform.
What headset do you use?
I’m using the K5 headset and the Element Elite from 
What games are you playing?
These days I play GTAV, Red Dead 2, PUBG, Fortnite, Battlefield V, COD Modern Warfare, Forza Horizon 4 and NBA 2K20.
What do you do when you’re not playing games?
Gaming is a hobby for me and I only do this for fun. I do enjoy spending time with friends, family, playing sports, working, watching movies and going out.
Big thanks to everyone who sent in their questions, hopefully you got to learn a little bit more about me 😊

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