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The Fastest Way to Make Money in Red Dead 2 Online - RDR2


Since I’m a huge Red Dead 2 fan I got a lot of requests asking on how to make quick money in the online mode. I wrote this guide to help out and made a short video tutorial on YouTube.

My favorite money grinding methods in Red Dead is hunting. One of the best spots to hunt is just slightly North of Saint Denis. With this method I make between $40 to $60 dollars every 20 minutes. The hunting spot is about a 45 second horse ride from the butcher so it’s quick. You just need to watch out for any other players in the area.

I use a Varmint rifle for smaller animals / exotic birds and a bolt action rifle for alligators. When you go hunting in that area use eagle eye (hold both sticks down) to spot animals so you don’t accidentally bump into an alligator and spook your horse.
Any alligators you find just shoot them (head shot) and skin. You get other sellable resources from alligators such as teeth, fat and big game meat. Your horse can only store one skin from a large alligator so keep the skin that’s in the best (perfect) condition and drop the rest.
Any exotic birds you find use the varmint rifle. Look for Herons, Spoonbills, Egrets and Pelicans. Pluck their feathers as they are worth a lot. You also get meat and other resources from birds. You can store up to 2 exotic birds on your horse, keep the ones in best condition.
In a nutshell: shoot any animal you find in that area without wandering to far from the butcher. This also includes small animals like toads, turtles, snakes etc (use the varmint rifle). It all adds up!

Do quick runs (every 20 mins) to the butcher and don’t linger so you’re not attacked. Ride along the train tracks so you don’t go through town. Always keep a weapon in hand. If someone approaches you say your friendly on the mic. If they have a weapon out, shoot them first and ride away towards butcher. If you do get killed you won’t lose everything since most of the items you hunt will be stored in your satchel.
It’s also a great way to gain some XP and increase your honor. The more you hunt in that area the more experienced you’ll get and know the value of everything. You can even steal another horse and use that to help carry stuff.

Here’s the link to the YouTube video:

I used the Onikuma K8 Gaming Headset from our shop for gamers to record this video.
Happy hunting! Hope this helped!
- FiveTheGamer 

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