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Travis Scott Comes to Fortnite

Travis Scott comes to Fortnite

Epic Games and Travis Scott teamed up and put on an amazing event in Fortnite. Over a two day period Fortnite had 5 events featuring a Travis Scott performing in game. Travis Scott showcased some of his music in an event called Astronomical Experience 

Travis Scott in Fortnite

Over 12 million concurrent users were on for each concert...which is really amazing. Millions of old Fornite players returned to the game just to see this event. I went to 3 of them and was blown away each time. The amount of design work and programming that went into this is truly remarkable. The trend started when Fortnite and Marshmello teamed up for a similar event last year. Fortnite has the ability to be a great platform for Artists to showcase their work. Hopefully we will see more frequent events like this in the future.

Travis Scott in Fortnite

Big thanks to Epic Games and Travis Scott for the entertainment.

Here is some of the Travis Scott Fortnite performance I captured: 


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