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Gaming Headset Buying Guide

How do you know which gaming headset to buy?

Here are some of the basic questions you need to ask yourself when buying a gaming headset:

What makes a good gaming headset? What are you supposed to look for? Is it comfortable to wear for several hours of gaming? Does it have a strong durable design? How is the microphone quality? Does it have immersive sound? Is the headset adjustable? Does it work for all platforms? Do they work for all different types of video games? Is it a good price?

We asked thousands of gamers: What do you look for in a good quality gaming headset? Their responses fell into these categories:

  •     Comfortable to wear
  •     Immersive sound quality
  •     Good Microphone quality
  •     Strong design / good build quality
  •     Adjustable

 At these are just some of the things we look for in a good quality gaming headset. If a gaming headset doesn’t live up to our high standards when we test them, we just won’t carry them.

There are also many different types of gamers that play video games. Some play on mobile, some play on PC and some on console (Xbox One & PlayStation 4). Some gamers play for hours a month and some play for hours a day. Some gamers play games that are more basic and some depend on directional sound to improve their gaming performance.

How do you know which headset would work best?

We narrowed down gaming headsets into 3 different categories: The “Starter Gamer” , the “Casual Gamer” and the “Pro Gamer”.

Gaming Headset buying guide

Starter gamer: This is typically a new gamer entering the gaming scene. They don’t take video gaming seriously but are slowly enjoying the world of video games. They normally just play to pass some time.

Here are some gaming headset recommendations for a Starter Gamer:

Casual gamer: This is typically a gamer that takes gaming a little more seriously. They enjoy playing certain video games each month but typically don’t develop an obsession. They can pick up the controller and put it down anytime.

Here is a gaming headset recommendation for a Casual Gamer:

K6 Gaming Headset

Pro Gamer: These are the gamers that play hours a day. They play online with friends and have a more competitive nature. They also tend to play a wide range of games and some occasionally stream live on platforms like YouTube, Mixer and Twitch.

Here is a gaming headset recommendation for a Pro Gamer:

M180 Pro Gaming Headset

Remember: Buying a more expensive headset doesn’t mean the quality is always better. It means you are paying for branding , marketing, hundreds / thousands of employees and lots of other expenses and overhead. We have tested and owned previously many other brands and none have compared to the ones we carry.

If you’re not sure which headset is for you feel free to reach out to message us on INSTAGRAM OR TWITTER and we will be glad to help.